BRA signed agreement to improve conditions in poor areas of the Dominican Republic.

MONTE PLATA,  Dominican Republic.- BRA/s founder/CEO, Ulrick Gaillard traveled to the Monte Plata province to sign an agreement with the local Mayor of Municipal Sabana Grande de Boya, Dr. Bertilia Fernandez, expanding critical health services and food security for thousands of vulnerable and impoverished families struggling in the country’s rural areas.

“While the Dominican Republic prides itself of its recent economic success in the region, mainly through tourism, extreme poverty, unfortunately, continues to plague certain segments of the populations, mainly in the sugarcane plantations rural “batey” communities,” said Gaillard.

Gaillard added that he believes that the country’s economic growth could even reach a much higher percentage if real opportunities are also created in those communities for the populations to be formally educated, work and provide for their families. “The political will must also be there to ensure that all sectors involved act in a unified way that guarantees fairness and accountability,” he concluded.