United States

Public Awareness

As part of its humanitarian mission, the Batey Relief Alliance carries out public awareness programs within the United States to educate the American population about international and humanitarian issues addressed by our organization, and to provide educational support to vulnerable and impoverished immigrant populations living in inner-city neighborhoods of New York.

International ConferenceInternational Education and Awareness: The Batey Relief Alliance has a history of hosting annual international conferences addressing issues of health and HIV/AIDS, human rights, and bilateral relations between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Conferences were held at the United Nations in 2001, Barnard College in 2004, and Columbia University in 2005.

HIV/AIDS Education and Awareness: Funded by the AIDS Institute of the York State Department of Health and sponsored by the office of Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs, the Batey Relief Alliance used radio airwaves to reach out to vulnerable and health at-risk immigrant communities in Brooklyn to educate about HIV contraction and prevention and techniques to protect against the deadly virus.