Batey Relief Alliance (BRA)®

The Batey Relief Alliance (BRA)®

Toward human productivity and dignity. Hacia la productividad y dignidad humana. Vers la productivité et la dignité humaine.

logoThe logo of the Batey Relief Alliance (BRA) uniquely embodies several levels of meaning—four human-like beings representing: 1) the international community, 2) our partners, 3) local governments, and 4) our target beneficiary populations, holding hands suggesting cooperation, mutual respect and understanding, sharing, and the reinforcement of individual efforts when joined together. At the same time, the word batey, meaning in Taino Indian, community, creates the strongest spiritual value that, a community is everywhere, and that all of its members, regardless of race, gender, creed, religion, national origin or political affiliations, must endeavor to secure its stability, survival and future only as they work together in harmony. Finally, the logo’s totality endows a joyful gesture that expresses accomplishment, liberation and spiritual uplift.

Established in 1997 in the state of New York, United States, the Batey Relief Alliance (BRA) is an Internal Revenue Service-approved 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-for-profit, non-governmental organization uniting grassroots organizations, government agencies, universities and the international community in a strategic partnership to help create a productive and self-sufficient environment for children and families severely affected by poverty, disease and hunger in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America. In 2011, President Bill Clinton invited BRA to join the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). BRA is also member of Global Health Council and is associated with the United Nations-Department of Public Information Section.

BRA’s regional subsidiary non governmental organization in the Dominican Republic, BRA Dominicana, Inc., is actively involved in addressing the socio-economic ills facing thousands of impoverished families living in Dominican’s impoverished and vulnerable sugarcane plantations rural “batey” communities, Haiti’s border regions and Peru’s urban slums, by raising public awareness, facilitating thoughtful dialogues, and delivering sustainable and comprehensive services in health and HIV/AIDS, food security and agricultural cooperative, nutrition, water/sanitation, deworming and multivitamins, microcredit, women empowerment, education and disaster relief.

The Batey Relief Alliance (BRA) is proud to be recognized in 2013 by the US Department of Agriculture as one of the best NGOs in developing countries.” Click HERE to view President Bill Clinton’s support for BRA’s work in the Dominican Republic. The faith and trust our stakeholders put in us to ensure equity for all is clearly honored by our policy of investing our resources inside the affected communities and distributing secured donations to our diverse local partnerships with NGOs, government agencies and mission groups.

The Batey Relief Alliance (BRA) is inspired by the bona fide involvement of its international partners and the quality and variety of work conducted by its in-country partner organizations. These local groups receive internationally-supported resources from the BRA as they collaborate and contribute tremendously to the enhancement of human conditions—a core value of our humanitarian mission. If you are operating in the Dominican Republic or Haiti, serving the basic needs of the most impoverished, and are interested in receiving in-kind donations from the BRA to support your work, please submit a letter of request which will be honored upon availability and on a first-come basis. Please email your request to Batey Relief Alliance at