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Health & HIV

Health & HIV

Launched in year 2000 to address health disparities within highly vulnerable communities.

The BRA Health Initiative aimed to deliver or support comprehensive health and HIV/AIDS services to populations that are unable to afford basic medical attention due to extreme poverty. Through agreements of cooperation with local Ministries of Health, BRA designed preventive health interventions (including its proven Health Care Model) that were culturally-oriented and part of a national health agenda.

In 2006, BRA installed and operated the only modern health care center complex, the first of its kind in a rural “batey” community since the start of sugar production in the Dominican Republic in 1517. More than 35 thousand patients annually received primary and specialized care, complemented by access to essential medicines and antiretroviral therapy, maternal-child and reproductive health, multivitamins, clean drinking water, nutrition and preventive health education.

In 2017, BRA handed over the management of its Medical Center to the Dominican Ministry of Health to continue delivering quality health services to populations in need.